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Metal fasteners used in the building industry have to be solid and resistant to ensure the stability of a construction and safety of all its users. At Adoby we cooperate solely with manufacturers and suppliers of high quality certified products. Therefore in our offer you can find, e.g., connectors with technical approvals, to be used in various types of connections, or CE-certified chipboard screws.

Our suppliers include:

GH Baubeschläge – one of the oldest manufacturers of connectors in Germany. They are widely known for their innovativeness and high standards of quality.  This brand is in posession of patents and numerous technical approvals to construct the vast majority of construction connectors. Most importantly, we are its biggest distributor for East and Central Europe.

Ambrovit – is an Italian supplier of high quality screws and fasteners. Has its very own Research & Development department, in which new products are designed and quality tests are conducted. Ambrovit stands out with advanced logistics solutions: fully automated warehouse and order packaging line, high availability of goods and rapid completion of orders.