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Ropes, chains and cords

Ropes, chains and cords are widely used in both the building and agriculture industry, as well as for everyday use in homes. They make many activities such as structure supporting, securing, stretching and fastening and binding easier and safer. At Adoby, you can get steel wire ropes, jute ropes, elastic ropes, polypropylene ropes, polyester ropes, braided ropes with and without core, as well as fibreglass ropes. In addition to ropes, this section includes agricultural lines, bricklayer's twine, cotton lines, clothes-lines and elastic rope hooks, among others.

High quality only

Purchasing wire ropes from Adoby ensures high quality and accurately defined parameters such as breaking strength, ultimate tensile strength, type of splicing and mass per one linear metre. All product values are verified through research and endurance testing and comply with the norms of the German Institute for Normalization (DIN) and European standards. As a result, they are fit for use not only by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, but also by companies specialized in building steel structures.

Quality and compliance with norms is a distinguishing feature of our chains, too. We publish detailed information regarding the technical parameters of these products and follow the standards set for their production. Therefore, the client can rest assure that the product they receive is the same as the one advertised in our catalogue. We also offer short- and long-link agricultural chains, warning plastic chains and the most popular types of decorative chains such as oval chains, blanked chains, gourmette chains and twisted square link chains.

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