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Rigging hardware

Choice of rigging and chain hardware

Rigging hardware is a class of objects meant to facilitate building and assembly processes, and often accompany steel ropes. Recommended applications include performing tie-downs, tightening, anchoring and connecting and lifting with the aim of improving the stability, durability and safety of structures. We deliver a variety of turnbuckles, eye nuts, wire rope clips, thimbles, pulleys, snap hooks and hooks. Also available are spring hooks and quick links, as well as swivels commonly used with synthetic fibre ropes.

Numerous benefits for the client

Adoby offers high quality construction hardware that have been tailored to the steel ropes also available in our store. Adoby's turnbuckles have been given ITB technical approval, which includes the specifications of technical parameters and the range of applications that these connectors can be used for. Other objects are also studied and tested to ensure their reliability and full compliance with the DIN standards. Rigging hardware is secured with an anti-corrosion coating, which makes it durable and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. A variety of sizes and the wide range of characteristic values of our eye nuts, wide rope clips, snap hooks, pulleys and hooks ensures a variety of applications for both DIY and more advanced construction-building purposes.