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Dynamic growth will never be possible without a professional and harmonious team. Each Adoby employee, regardless of their position, has all the required skills and qualifications for the position they hold. This contributes to better and faster contact with clients and rapid responses to their needs.

At the helm

Bartosz Dowgiałło. Eight years in the metal fasteners sector. A great deal of experience in international trade, management, logistics and business analyses. Speaks English, French and Czech. At Adoby, he is responsible for sales development in the Czech and Slovak markets. Additionally, he is the president of the board of all the companies that make up the Adoby group.

Andrzej Otta. Has been working in the metal fasteners sector since the beginning of his professional career. Has been employed as an export sales director in a Europe-wide company. Considerable experience in setting up and managing trade companies in various European countries. Speaks English, Russian and Spanish. At Adoby, he is in charge of business development, execution of trading strategies at international level and cooperation with key customers. Excellent insight into what the biggest manufacturers and distributors in the market offer.