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Choice of wood connectors

Wood connectors are extremely useful for building a wide range of wooden constructions. They allow for the quick and easy connection of elements of timber roof trusses such as wall plates, rafters and beams, ensuring the durability and stability of a construction. Additionally, they can be used to perform constructions that put together wood, concrete and OSB panels.

Numerous benefits for contractors

Adoby provides a wide choice of connectors, enabling you to make even the most complicated connections quickly. Our array of patented solutions such as studs on joist hangers and rafter connectors renders assembly faster and more convenient. The unique way of marking the openings of WBP reinforced joist hangers determines nailing spots and allows for obtaining connection parameters specified in ETA.

Certificated products

Adoby's wood connectors are manufactured by German sector leader GH Baubeschläge. All of the company's products have received European Technical Approvals and include a range of applications, conditions of use, technical characteristics and additional information that are important from the perspectives of designers and contractors.

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