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Choice of timber screws

Torx driven timber screws are used in the assembly of a range of wooden constructions, especially timber roof trusses. They ensure stability and endurance, which are vital for wooden frameworks that bear the weight of roofs.

Proven quality

Timber screws for wood applications are an imported product of the Italian brand Ambrovit. The company is one of the leaders in this sector and widely appreciated for its research and development, continuous quality control and advanced logistics solutions. Having Ambrovit as a supplier ensures confidence that at Adoby, you can buy screws of the highest quality. Furthermore, all of our screws are duly certified to meet European standards (EN).

Variety of types and sizes

You can choose among various timber screws, including wafer head screws, flat head screws and hex head screws, all available with Torx heads. Each type of screw is available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, each package includes appropriate drill-driver bit sets. PTS conical washers are also available for our screws.