Adoby – something else

We are a young and dynamic company that sells products to both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. We cooperate with big enterprises, retail chains and small local shops in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. We have been active since 2011 and already have over 600 regular customers in the Czech Republic alone.

Raising the bar

The urge that led to the creation of Adoby was a feeling that there  was something missing from the market. Several years of working as executives in sales and management had provided us with significant experience in the metal fastenings industry. We have researched the European market from both a customer and supplier perspective. We know which manufacturers lead the market and offer the highest quality products, and therefore have knowledge about what customers need. The knowledge we have gathered over the course of many years has assisted us in better understanding the disadvantages of companies in the market. We have decided to address these weaknesses by creating a company that is able to correctly fulfil the customer requirements.

This is how we created Adoby

We are convinced of our ability to act more effectively than our competitors. In East and Central Europe, we are introducing the products of one of the most acclaimed German manufacturers of timber connectors. Caring for our customers led us to develop an order management system and refining  the logistics to the point of maximum reliability.

Development orientation

We are always increasing our knowledge and experience. We attend professional fares in Europe and Asia, visit the laboratories of our suppliers, take part in training organized by manufacturers and deeply analyse all market information. We do this in order to acquire the fullest and widest knowledge of current trends, as well as to be able to provide our customers with valuable advice and to systematically broaden the products we provide.

Cooperation with market leaders

We cooperate with the most valued producers and suppliers, such as the GH Baubeschläge (Germany) and the Ambrovit (Italy). As a result, our connectors and screws have all been certified with the required European certificates and technical approvals needed in the building industry. We believe that all our products are truly reliable.

We also offer high quality fence post supports and fittings, bolts, hinges, ropes, chains, cords, rigging hardware, wheels and castors, shelf brackets and aluminium profiles. We source these products from Polish manufacturers or obtain them abroad from trusted suppliers. We also produce some products ourselves.

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