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Construction, assembly and repair products

Welcome to ADOBY. Our company supplies and distributes a wide range of construction fixings and fastenings. Among our offers, you can find quality wood connectors, timber screws and anchor nails, as well as fence post supports, chains, ropes and rigging hardware, bolts and hinges, wheels and castors, brackets and hooks or aluminium profiles.

Cooperating with sector leaders

Our suppliers include sector leaders with brands that have accumulated years of market presence. They use only solid materials, have all the necessary approval ratings and enjoy the trust of their clients. Wood connectors are supplied by German company GH Baubeschläge, one of the oldest manufacturers of connectors in Germany. Our timber screws, on the other hand, are provided by the widely-recognized Italian brand Ambrovit.

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts

Adoby's offers are designed to satisfy the needs of professional woodworking and carpenter companies that perform work requiring reliable tools and materials. By taking care that all wood connectors and timber screws we supply have received European Technical Approvals (ETA) and CE certificates, our clients can be sure that they will receive not only a quality product, but professional advice on its technical features and usage, too.

Our connectors, fence post supports, bolts and hinges are also eagerly used by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, who build garden arbores or carports, for example. This group of clients also use ropes and rigging hardware and aluminium profiles. Additionally, we cooperate with the furniture sector, delivering various types of furniture wheels and accessories.